Israel to introduce mental health insurance

A psychological health insurance scheme for Israelis is expected to be launched in the next few weeks, a move that is expected not only to ease the financial burden for the state but also to raise the profile of mental health among Israelis.

According to the Jerusalem Post, which first reported the plans on Friday, the insurance plan will be administered by the Israeli Mental Health Ministry and the ministry will be responsible for the development of a “mental health insurance plan for all the citizens of Israel, including mental health practitioners.”

The ministry, it is expected, will coordinate the creation of a system that will cover mental health professionals and will have a central office that will be able to provide a service to its citizens.

A ministry spokesman said that the mental health ministry had launched the pilot project, which was a joint initiative between the ministry and the Israeli Psychological Health Association, and that the new system would be “a new model for mental health in Israel.”

According to a study published last year by the American Psychological Association, Israelis were much more likely than Americans to be diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 2.7 percent of Israeli adults have a diagnosable mental disorder, compared to 1.3 percent in the U.S.

A majority of Israelis have a psychiatric condition.

In 2014, Israeli psychiatrists estimated that about 12 percent of the countrys population had a diagnostics diagnosis of a mental illness.