A bunch of weird experiments on the relationship between parenting styles and emotional wellbeing

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with parenting styles lately.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the term ‘parenting style’ itself, so I’m often accused of treating my children as though they’re all on a single level.

The problem is that it’s a broad term and many people have different styles and it’s easy to confuse them. 

I’ve also been thinking about how my approach to parenting has changed over the years.

I feel like parenting styles have been a central part of my life for the past 20 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever consciously thought about them as if they were completely separate. 

Nowadays, I’m more inclined to focus on the many, many ways in which I try to make my kids happy. 

Some of this is about parenting styles in general, which has made me realise that parenting styles aren’t just about how I decide to spend my time. 

Many of my favourite parenting practices and beliefs also apply to the way I manage my children.

I used to think that it was all about me and my decisions, but the truth is that most parenting is about what your children are doing. 

For example, the idea of playing with a toy or playing with toys for the sake of it is really, really hard for most people.

I want to be able to get through the day, and if I don, I think it’s selfish of me to keep it up.

But if my children are playing with something that I want them to be happy with, I want that as a goal. 

But if I’m not actively playing with them, it’s hard for me to do so because I have this expectation that I’ll have to get up at 5am and be ready to do something else, which often doesn’t happen. 

So the biggest part of how I think about parenting is how I make them happy, and that’s something that can change. 

The thing is, parenting isn’t just me doing it.

The thing is I’m responsible for all the decisions that my kids make.

I think I make my children happy because I’m in charge of them.

I need them to do the things that I expect them to. 

As a result, I don