How to make an informed vote

Some voters who are inclined to support President Donald Trump are more inclined to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton.

In a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, 63 percent of likely voters say they’re leaning toward supporting Clinton over Trump, while 22 percent say they’ll vote for Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate.

The survey also finds that more than a quarter of likely Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they’d vote for Johnson, compared to just 7 percent who say they would vote for Trump.

While a plurality of both men and women in the poll say they don’t plan to vote for either candidate, only 35 percent of Democrats and Republican-leaning voters say the same.

More than a third of Republicans say they plan to support neither Trump or Clinton.

Among Independents, Johnson is the only candidate with a positive rating, with 35 percent saying they’d support him.

While Johnson’s popularity among Independency is greater than Clinton’s, he also has a smaller lead among Republicans than Clinton.

Independence has a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in support of Johnson (45 percent) than Trump (36 percent).

Independently, more than half of Democrats, and roughly three-quarters of Independent Republicans say Johnson would make a good president (79 percent) compared to 31 percent for Clinton.

There are other reasons that Republicans are less inclined to back either candidate.

While 54 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners say they favor a third party candidate for president, Johnson has a more favorable rating among Democrats, at 35 percent.

Meanwhile, just 17 percent of Indigenes say they have no opinion about who to support.

Trump’s approval rating among Indigenites is slightly higher than Clinton (44 percent) and Johnson (33 percent), but lower than Johnson’s among Democrats (52 percent) or Independens (62 percent).

Both Trump and Johnson have a lower percentage of Indiegemens in support than Independendents (51 percent vs. 63 percent), while both Trump and Clinton have a higher support among Indiegemanns.