A couple gets married with ‘too much love’

The couple got married on their wedding day with “too much” love, a bride’s sister told The Associated Press.

The bride’s father, who has been married to the groom’s mother for 30 years, told the AP he is still in shock over the “beautiful” night the couple shared.

“It was just the perfect day for us to get married,” the groom, who said his mother was a longtime friend of his parents, said during the wedding.

“I can’t imagine being a father without her and it was the best day ever.”

The bride said she and the groom have been together for five years and that the wedding was “so much fun.”

“We are still a little bit overwhelmed with how much love she had for us, and she was amazing with her hugs and kisses,” the bride said.

“She was so sweet.

She’s the kindest person you can ever imagine.”

The groom’s father said the couple is “going to get on better” and said they have plans for the future.