What if the tech industry was like a family, according to a study of the workforce

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A study released last week by the Pew Research Center on the state of the U.S. workforce found that Americans who were born into an affluent household had the highest levels of education, income and career success.

That’s the finding of the Pew Center’s study, which also found that the nation’s most educated citizens are also among the highest-paid workers.

But those with less education also have the lowest job prospects.

“This is a new and powerful finding that’s worth exploring,” Pew’s study states.

The research found that “a large number of people who were not born into rich households are now well-educated, and they tend to have higher levels of earnings, health care and other benefits.”

In the study, the researchers looked at the education of 3,600 U. S. adults, including those who were employed full-time and those who had just returned from a six-month leave.

They then analyzed the educational levels of Americans from each of these two groups.

The results were striking.

Americans born into a wealthy family had the best overall levels of educational attainment and incomes, the Pew report found.

Those who were poor, in turn, had the worst.

The most educated Americans in the study were also the highest earners, with incomes that were about $80,000 higher than those of the poorest Americans.

“When we look at the differences in income between people who are at or above the national median, we find that people born into wealthy households, the people with the best educational attainment, are those with the highest incomes,” said John Taylor, an economist at the Pew study and the study’s lead author.

“It is this pattern of education that has emerged in the American economy over the past couple of decades, and that has been a positive for a lot of people.”

However, those who are poor and unemployed have the worst educational attainment.

For the study to be valid, people must be at or below the national average of at least a college education.

And in addition, those with low education levels have the highest unemployment.

The Pew study found that when it comes to earnings, poor and low-income Americans tend to be less well-off.

People with no formal education, on the other hand, have lower incomes, lower employment rates and less education than the most educated people.

“The people with lower levels of schooling are disproportionately poor,” said Taylor.

“They’re also disproportionately unemployed.”

The Pew report also found an important pattern: The more educated people in the U