When we were kids we were taught to think of ourselves as ‘the person’

The world was never going to be as simple as that.

But when you’re a kid, you might as well think of yourself as the person.

So, when I was 12, I had a really tough time with that.

I had always been the kid who wanted to be the best, but was often rejected by the people around me.

So I started to wonder if it was a bad thing that I was the best in school.

So in that way, my childhood was very difficult, but I was lucky in that I had this really strong belief that I should be able to achieve whatever I wanted, no matter what.

When I was 18, I was living in Australia, which was a really weird place.

I didn’t really understand what I was doing there.

I was a bit confused and I didn’ even really know what I wanted to do.

I wanted my own studio, but that was just an empty thought, because I was totally focused on my work.

Then one day I was walking through the back door of a studio, and I saw this white guy who was wearing a white shirt, white trousers and white trainers.

I thought he was a model, and it was just so exciting to think I could become like that.

That’s when I knew I wanted something else.

That was when I started going to modelling gigs.

I started making videos, and eventually I made this video for the first time, and in the process of making it I got really good at it.

I got very good at creating these beautiful faces.

And then I realised I wanted this person to be like me.

When people look at me, they see me as a normal person.

That doesn’t happen for me.

I am the person that is always looking for the most perfect solution, because that is what I really want to achieve.

And if you look at the world today, it is just an endless cycle of being the best at whatever I am doing, and then failing.

So it is really sad when people are rejected from their careers.

I want to help people realise that, because it is not something they should feel sorry for, it shouldn’t be something they have to do themselves.

So when I say that my childhood is very difficult to explain, it’s because my parents are a bit hard to understand.

They were born in Australia.

They had a very strict upbringing, but at the same time, they also were very open-minded.

They always tried to make sure that I understood that it was their decision to take the child away.

So they are very proud of me for being able to go to the university, for being a model.

They say I am a genius.

They are very happy about my success, and they tell me, “This is how you do it”.

I’m very happy that they are able to talk to me.

My mum, who is very intelligent, always tells me, if I am ever in a position where I need help, she’ll come and ask me questions.

It is not because she is a psychologist.

It’s because she genuinely loves me, and she is always ready to help me.

And that is the reason I am still in modelling, because she always tells her friends, “Do you know that your daughter could be the next Victoria Beckham?”

And they say, “Yeah, that would be amazing, because Victoria Beckham is very good.”

They tell me about her career, because they love her.

And I love that.

It gives me hope for them and they know that I am able to help.

It also gives me a lot of pride because I am an Australian, and that’s why I have a very strong connection to Australia.

I think that if you are a good model, you are very fortunate.

But if you don’t have a good connection with the people in your life, then it is very hard to be a successful person.

And you will always be in the shadows.

I believe that I will always have that shadow, but the only way to break that shadow is to try.

I’m going to take this challenge, and try to get as much success as I can.